Singing Mamas Choir

Singing Mamas Choir bring women together; to meet, connect and experience the freedom, energy and pure magic of singing in blissful harmony.


Kate Valentine chose our full package service. An unique logo, marketing collaterals and a modern, inviting, clean website integrating payment for choir classes were the main requirements.


— Brand Identity
— Website Design & Development


Choir photos by Diego Barraza

The concept and logo

Singing Mamas brand/tribe expresses the personality of its founder, Kate Valentine.  It’s fun, warm, light, strong, transparent and human.  The logo has a human touch and the musical note on the letter M adds musicality to it.

The website

Finding and booking classes were the main priorities to be developed for the Singing Mamas Choir website.  Integration of a map to the basic choir search functionality along with ecommerce booking and payment systems.

We currently provide ongoing maintenance and hosting solutions for this website.