Sarra Yoga

Sarra Whicheloe is an Iyengar Yoga teacher based in Surrey, UK. Experienced and well qualified, she helps people connect with their mind and body. Online videos to support home yoga practice are available at her YouTube channel.


Our client wanted to communicate that “Yoga is not about body beautiful, it is about the soul”.  The logo should have a feeling of Aaah! Phew!, sacred, home, warmth and quietness.


— Logo design & Identity
— YouTube channel art


Photos of Sarra by Emily Walker

The logo concept

This logo aims to represent the light within ourselves. It’s an exploration of the lotus flower in a simple and effective mandala. Rays of light appear in its center. The light, lotus and leaf symbols can represent yoga, nature, spirituality and the cosmos.

  • "A very well thought out process: from the initial brief to the final logo project files.  I really enjoyed working with Susana and I am really happy with the product."

    Sarra Whicheloe
    Sarra Whicheloe Yoga teacher, Surrey Hills (UK)